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Default trolling right along


There's a parallel in amateur radio recruiting. From the ARRL
down, the higher-ups love to look down on aspirants as
dummies in if their lofty elite positions made them
"expert." These self-proclaimed gods of radio then wonder
why there isn't more participation and - especially - why
there's so little love for their self-righteous precious, noble,
best-of-all-possible-modes (in their minds), radiotelegraphy.

I move that we amend our military regulations so that each recruit to
the enlisted ranks would enter military service at the E-9 grade. This
would result in more participation by our citizenry and would prevent
harm to anyone's self-esteem. We could also do away with military
technical schools and the necessity for passing any exam which the new
recruit might view as hazing. Calling any recruit a "dummy" would be

Dave K8MN