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Default trolling right along

From: Dave Heil on Sun, Sep 24 2006 3:03 pm

You don't have an amateur radio license.

Yes, yes, you keep on saying that... :-)

It keeps on being accurate. :-)

I have taken no action in attempting to prevent you from posting here.

True, but you've never been "nice," have you?

Yes, I've been nice. I'm still nice. You act like a horse's ass. You
don't get "nice".

Better you suck up to Paul Schleck every chance you
got so that you can try and prohibit me from posting
in the moderated future. :-)

Suck up to Paul Schleck? I've done no such thing. Paul has been
cordial to me. I am cordial to him. If a moderated newsgroup comes
into existence and you aren't permitted to post, I'll cry no crocodile
tears. You've not shown an ability to act like an adult.

I have taken no action to preclude your comments to the FCC.

Just HOW could you stop me? :-)

I haven't stated that there was any way to stop you. I've countered
your assertion that you've been prevented from having your say. You've
had it here. You've had it in submitting comments to the FCC. Your
assertion is baseless.

I am not bound to accept your often outrageous statements without

"Acceptance" not required, is it? :-)

No, it isn't. :-)

Ridiculing you or laughing at you is not forbidden. Deal with it.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...that works both ways! "Deal with THAT!" :-)

You've done it often. I've dealt with it.

NB: NO ONE can tell Heil what to do.

You certainly may not tell me what to do.

I wrote that. Why are you getting repetitious?

Maybe you need to let it sink in.

You have no power over me at all. Deal with it.

Now, now, settle down.

I've been settled here for over six years.

Here, have a cashew. They are imported,
you know, from that wonderful African country Guinea-Bisseau.
Maybe it will help you synchronize your Teletypes... :-)

You can't help being what you are.

He tells all others what to do. :-)

That, like the balance of your statement above, is an untruth.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, you've just finished telling others what
to do. :-)

You aren't "all others", Leonard. :-)

This is all so hilarious! :-)

It certainly is, especially when you think that others are laughing
*with* you.

They ARE! :-)

There has been no indication that you're supposition is correct.