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Default trolling right along

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KHB wrote:

Nobody's interested in radiotelegraphy.

Actually, the olde-tymers seem to love it...especially those
who gave up learning the technical side of amateur radio
some 30 to 40 years back. Radiotelegraphy reminds them of
their youth and youthful dreams of being "top-notch radio ops"
of the 1930s in the 1960s.

The new-timers aren't interested, except the new ones who say they are
just to keep the peace with the oldsters who will give you hell for not
being interested in the Morse Code.

Yes, and we all know who THEY are... :-)

I think I once paralleled St Thomas Aquinas' 4 paths to believing in
God with why you should believe in Morse Code.

Sounds vaguely familiar. You might post it again.

Then again, that might be dangerous and the morseketeers
would want you to burn at the stake.

St Thomas was overrated.

Hmmm...I may have been thinking of the pro-coders invoking
"St Francis of a Sissy." [not canonized by Rome, only Newington]

Not even Val Germann who
talked a good talk. He sure fooled a lot of people who desperately
wanted to believe that a newbie was interested in learning the code.
Hi, hi!

Heh heh heh. Of course. He got all the regular morseketeers
in here almost to a morsegasm. :-)

They bought his speil hook, line, and sinker.

Especially Dick Carroll, W0EX, SK.

Sad. I'm sure he would have liked to live long enough to see that tree
bear fruit.

Well, Dick Carroll always sounded off like he had a pear...

It's still a puzzle why an ex-USN type would be at any Army
recruiting office as a Robesin once stated. But
that can be relegated to just-another-delusional-dream of the

Robesin is a habitual liar. If he were ever to tell a truth, no one
would beleive it.

Most true! But, the imposter is going to continue with his
lying until this newsgroup becomes moderated.

He will continue even after moderation.

He's in love with himself. He is nuts.

Don't know. I think he wants civil discussion, but all he'll get is
Robesin saying, "What it is like to eat my excrement out of some guys

That will probably be allowed 'AM' (After Moderation). Amateur
extra morsemen are exempt from moderation if the latest postings
from the moderator-to-be are true.

But, from Paul
Schleck's information bulletin, WE can't call him a liar any

"Liar" wasn't even in my vocabulary until Robesin started his
thread-jacking, calling me and nearly everyone else a liar, a homo, a
pedo, a....

True, but Paul probably didn't see it...therefore it doesn't
exist in his refined world. :-(


Can he moderate the archives???

I'm sure he could. If it is somewhere in computer mass memory
it CAN be erased or altered.

Robesin is what he is. Not being able to verbalize that won't change a
thing. He'll still be a dispicable piece of excrement, and others will
see him for what he is.

Some anony-mousies in here have professed to "like" him.

Maybe it's just his excrement they like?

Shudder! So...that is what the mutant branch of US amateur
radio has become? "Amateur Radiotelegraph Scatological


I'm going to have to cut back on all this posting. Some
"investigators" are about to show up from the Federal
Bureau of Newsgroup Investigation and Moderation. They
want to "know" what my "personal, non-professional life"
is like. Since I'm NOT OBLIGATED to tell them, they will
have a tantrum and cause me to "disappear." :-)

Beep, beep,


Take your flatus with you...