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Default FREE: Gonset GSB-100 chassis - PICKUP PREFERRED


Just saving this from the dump. It's a Gonset GSB-100
chassis - missing most of the 'good stuff' - no VFO, no
face, no knobs, no tubes, and no power transformer.
JUST the chassis with all the IF cans, tank coils,
interstage xfmrs, sockets, and all the parts on the under
side of the chassis. No tank capacitors and absolutely
NO cosmetic parts or xtals at all. Also has the bottom cover
only - it's a molded part of the case, but no top part. Again,
NONE of the 'good stuff' is left - drum, dial, xfmr, xtals, etc.
Most of that all went into restoring my own GSB-100. But
still some good stuff here that doesn't deserve the dump.

FREE for pickup in Tacoma, WA or you pay a packing
charge and shipping charge. I really don't consider this
worth the $20 - $30 it would cost to ship, so please consider
that before saying you want it.

Email if you're local and I'll work out the pickup. I'm off to
the dump right now - this chassis got a reprieve, but it
won't last long - it goes to the dump a week from today
if still here.