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Default Why Is Robesin Afraid Of Answereing A Direct Question?

K4YZ wrote:
K4YZ wrote:
K4YZ wrote:

Still forging attributes, Robesin?

Nothing "forged" about it.

Sure there is. And you lied again.


Yes, Robesin. You forged the attributes. No one else did it for you.

Hey, I've got a joke for you...

You ARE a joke, Brain...One that everyone "laughs" at only to keep
from hurting your feelings.....

No one here is worried about my "feelings."

You only laugh to keep from crying as I rub your nose in your own
excrement (in another man's lap - you sick *******).

What do you call a guy who can't post to RRAP without lying?

Steven J. Robesin

Oh...Is THAT the name you're using now, Brain...?!?!

Is it?

We're S T I L L wating on some validation of all the really,
REALLY stupid assertions YOU have made vis-a-vis "emergency comms",

I've never claimed that other people eat my excrement... Robesin has!
Do we need validation, or should we take it at face value?

WHY do you seem intnet on trying to "diss" me over these issues
when YOU are the one with failure issues?

"Sorry Hans, MARS IS Amateur Radio."

Nor is there anything untrue in my suggestions.

Untrue lies? More Robesin conundrums?

Still no validation from you that anything I said was untrue.

Just a lame dodge.

Your lies ARE untrue.

BB is not homosexaul for that matter neither am I

Brain probably is not

Steve, K4YZ

Robesin probably is.


Probably is.


Tendencies, Robesin, tendencies... The ones you exhibit in nearly
every RRAP posting.

His constant references to male genitalia and fixation on all things of
a homosexual nature pretty much overcome his claims of being butch.

And a male nurse?

C'mon. He's only kidding himself.


Yup. One day you'll make an announcement and no one will be surprised.
All that secrecy and suffering for nothing.

An "announcement"...?!?!

As in a public admission.

I'm already married and unless I hit the Lottery, I can't imagine
what "announcement" you'd make reference to.

Foley was married. Ditto the NJ Governor. Ditto you...

But your wife's married to a pathological liar. Pity her.

Why is my wife part of your discussion? I hope you're not gay and a
wife swapper, too.

I'd not "swap wives" for a woman that would marry you, Brain. I
just CAN'T imagine.......

Apparently you ARE a wife swapper, just claim not to be interested in

So why is my wife a part of your discussion?

And I see you're still without adequate spine as to attach your
name to your posts, Brain.


Steve, K4YZ

Should I be afraid of you?

The question is WHY are you afraid...???

Steve, K4YZ

No, that is not the question. I asked if I should be afraid of you.
Can you answer a direct question, or are you too much of a sawed-off
coward to do so?