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Default trolling right along

" wrote in

From: on Sat, Sep 23 2006 1:29 pm

KHB wrote:

I wasn't *trying* to insult anyone, Len.

I wonder what you would have said if you were actually

Equating military service with welfare is about all I can take.

I'm not "taking" any of it.

Jimmie can go over to his nearest military recruitment station
and repeat his "subsidy" crack to any military person in

After that, the "fourth morseketeer" would be absent from

I disagree.

I think your average service person knows that their is a large
segment of US society that looks down on them. But they are
intelligent enough to know just how wrong that segment of society
is. The servicemen and women stand guard without thought to their

Yes, they are what you say, Brian.

Nobody's interested in radiotelegraphy.

Actually, the olde-tymers seem to love it...especially those
who gave up learning the technical side of amateur radio
some 30 to 40 years back. Radiotelegraphy reminds them of
their youth and youthful dreams of being "top-notch radio ops"
of the 1930s in the 1960s.

Not even Val Germann who
talked a good talk. He sure fooled a lot of people who desperately
wanted to believe that a newbie was interested in learning the code.
Hi, hi!

Heh heh heh. Of course. He got all the regular morseketeers
in here almost to a morsegasm. :-)

It's still a puzzle why an ex-USN type would be at any Army
recruiting office as a Robesin once stated. But
that can be relegated to just-another-delusional-dream of the

Robesin is a habitual liar. If he were ever to tell a truth, no one
would beleive it.

Most true! But, the imposter is going to continue with his
lying until this newsgroup becomes moderated. But, from Paul
Schleck's information bulletin, WE can't call him a liar any
more! That will "violate" some "rules" (of engagement or
whatever) wherein no one can speak nasty of others. Doesn't
matter if they are military imposters, we won't be able to
say much of anything against such posturing liars. It's not


I haven't posted here for a while. Each time I visit I killfile loads of
sock puppets, and next time they reappear as someone else. I hate all

73s to Len, Jim and other real people de Alun, N3KIP/G8VUK