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Default Why Is Robesin Afraid Of Answereing (Answereing...?!?!) A Direct Question?...Who's "Robesin" and What's The Question?...Can Brain Not Answer For Himself How HE Should Feel? Does His Mommy Still Wipe His Butt And Change His Diapers For H

K4YZ wrote:
K4YZ wrote:
K4YZ wrote:
K4YZ wrote:

Still forging attributes, Robesin?

Nothing "forged" about it.

Sure there is. And you lied again.


Yes, Robesin. You forged the attributes. No one else did it for you.

Nope. Just called em like I see them.

Nope. You're just forging attributes and lying about it.

You're a little snot trying to scam his way through posts with
nothing but sleaze.


It works.

No, it doesn't work. You're a forger and a liar. See where forging
and lying gets you?

Hey, I've got a joke for you...

You ARE a joke, Brain...One that everyone "laughs" at only to keep
from hurting your feelings.....

No one here is worried about my "feelings."

I did once upon a time.

Another lie.

But you didn't care about mine.

Another lie. You talk about my children and my wife. I don't bring
your children or your wife into the discussion.

Brought private e-mail content that you said was "private straight
to RRAP THEN have the temerity to whine about how YOU get

Kindly point to this post about your single hostile action.

You only laugh to keep from crying as I rub your nose in your own
excrement (in another man's lap - you sick *******).

No...You've not been able to rub my nose in anything.

Denial gets you nowhere.

You TRY to make issues with out-of-context quotes and out-and-out
lies, but you've not "rubbed" anything of mine in anything, Brain.

If you quote yourself, then how have I manipulated what you said?

If you THINK that's what you've been doing, well then, I guess we
just found once more thing that you've been confused and deluded about,

No delusion. No confusion. Your nose has your excrement on it.

What do you call a guy who can't post to RRAP without lying?

Steven J. Robesin

Oh...Is THAT the name you're using now, Brain...?!?!

Is it?

You tell me. The question was posed to you.

Is Brain the name I'm using now?

We're S T I L L wating on some validation of all the really,
REALLY stupid assertions YOU have made vis-a-vis "emergency comms",

I've never claimed that other people eat my excrement...

Nor have I.

From your quote of yourself, it sure looks like you've made such


Would you be willing to provide the post wherein I allegedly said
that others "eat my excrement"...?!?!

I have no need to do so. You made the original claim, then your
requoted yourself. Don't go blaming me for your screwups.

Robesin has!

He has? Where?


Do we need validation, or should we take it at face value?

If you were TRYING to quote me, Brain, you failed.

If I was "TRYING" to quote Robesin, then I would have failed. I need
not quote him because he quoted himself. Don't go blaming me for your

WHY do you seem intnet on trying to "diss" me over these issues
when YOU are the one with failure issues?

"Sorry Hans, MARS IS Amateur Radio."

Still out of context.

It is not what you meant?

Still as lame as ever.

It wasn't my claim.

As usual.

As usual.

Nor is there anything untrue in my suggestions.

Untrue lies? More Robesin conundrums?

Still no validation from you that anything I said was untrue.

Just a lame dodge.

Your lies ARE untrue.

What lies?

The untrue ones. You've stacked them up like cordwood.

BB is not homosexaul for that matter neither am I

Brain probably is not

Steve, K4YZ

Robesin probably is.


Probably is.


Tendencies, Robesin, tendencies... The ones you exhibit in nearly
every RRAP posting.

Are you addressing me or this "Robesin" person, Brain?

Am I?

Ask your doctor for a script of "Aricept". It might help with your
confusion issues.

Is the erection supposed to last for more than 4 hours?

His constant references to male genitalia and fixation on all things of
a homosexual nature pretty much overcome his claims of being butch.

And a male nurse?

C'mon. He's only kidding himself.


Yup. One day you'll make an announcement and no one will be surprised.
All that secrecy and suffering for nothing.

An "announcement"...?!?!

As in a public admission.

I know what an "announcement" is, Brain.

Then why did you ask?

You ahve yet to define what this alleged "announcement" is about.

That is for Robesin to decide.

I'm already married and unless I hit the Lottery, I can't imagine
what "announcement" you'd make reference to.

Foley was married. Ditto the NJ Governor. Ditto you...

Yep. But they are gay. I'm not...Not even "pretend".

Robesin pretends not to be.

But your wife's married to a pathological liar. Pity her.

Why is my wife part of your discussion? I hope you're not gay and a
wife swapper, too.

I'd not "swap wives" for a woman that would marry you, Brain. I
just CAN'T imagine.......

Apparently you ARE a wife swapper, just claim not to be interested in


Where did you get THIS idea from, Brain?

Out of three billion women in the world, mine is the only one that you
wouldn't swap with. That leaves 2,999,999,999 that are in your zone.

From the same mind that said "Unlicensed devices play a major role
in emergency communications?"

They haven't?

So why is my wife a part of your discussion?

It's not a discussion.

So why is my wife a part of your postings?

I've asked you if you'd be as equally dishonest and deceitful if
your spouse was party to your actions herein.

Why is my wife a part of your postings?

And I see you're still without adequate spine as to attach your
name to your posts, Brain.


Steve, K4YZ

Should I be afraid of you?

The question is WHY are you afraid...???

No, that is not the question.

Sure it is. I asked it.

Are you a coward?

You don't seem to be able to make an adequate self-determination
as to what you should be feeling.

I think you're a coward. Is that adequate enough?

I asked if I should be afraid of you.

That's only a question that you can answer yourself. I can't
answer it for you. I don't know (nor do I care) what scares you and
what doesn't.

Should I be afraid of you?

Personally, there's not a whole lot that scares me. Certainly
nothing that you or your Feeble Five bretheren could muster up, even if
you were all able to show up at my house simultaneously.

Is that an invitation for five RRAPpers to visit you?

Can you answer a direct question, or are you too much of a sawed-off
coward to do so?

There's nothing cowardly about me not being able to answer a
question that is not for ME to answer. It's for YOU to answer as to
whether you should be afraid of ANYthing...

Should I be afraid of you?

I pretty much figure you for a Don Knotts type. Backfiring dump
trucks probably give yo cause to hit the deck.

Steve, K4YZ

Yo yourself sawed-off man.