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Default Good deal on 9:1 tranformer

Good info! I use a homemade 6:1 Z-xfmr on an off-center, coax fed
Windom 30M long and the response is good down to about 1.8 MHz because
of the roll off for MW. I would like to make one to include LW but 30M
is insufficient and I'm concerned about local MW overloading if it is
in the bandpass.


bill wrote:
I have nothing to do with Grove and my unit did not come from them. It
was given to me by a WinRadio owner who does not do any HF listening.
Grove and WinRadio direct are the only places I found them listed for
sale in the USA.

The WiNRADiO WR-LWA-0130 Long Wire Antenna Adapter has two 9:1
transformers made from,
I am guessing here, different ferrites to give good coverage from
100KHz to 30MHz. It passes RF
all the way up to FM BCB but a 100' antenna is not the best choice up

It is a sturdy little 35mm film canister sized unit made from aluminium
and it has ears with 2 mounting holes. A stainless steel wingnut bolt
are the input and a BNC female the output. I had a chance to compare it
to a home made 9:1 and a RF Systems "Magnetic Long Wire Balun".

The WR-LWA-0130 gave much better LF performance then the RF systems
unit. I could receive
about 3 times as many NDB and DGPS beacons. From 540 through 20MHz the
RF systems
was about the same. Above 20MHz and especially in the US CB band the
WinRadio trounced
the RF systems unit.

The WR-LWA-0130 also beat the home made transformer below 500KHz and
above about 25MHz.
The bigest advantage, other then performance, is the robust and sturdy
case. The home made
unit is about 4 years old and is really showing it's age and it needs a
new case.

For those braver then me, the rf systems magnetic long wire is a two
part case with a good
gasket and it can be opened and serviced or a diagram drawn if one is
skilled enough to
do some minor disassembly.

At $39.00, from Grove's web page, it looks to be a pretty good deal for
those like me with more thumbs then skill. The RF Systems is listed at
$59.95 from Universal Radio. Having tried both, I would not hestiate to
buy the LWA-0130. I may buy one for a antenna running right angles to
my present antenna.

I used a DX398 and a stock R2000 for these tests.

William Fieldstone