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Default get flushed mr Turd

"Nunya Bizness" wrote in message
. ..
On 8 Nov 2006 04:55:21 -0800, "Not Cocksucker Lloyd"

On 7 Nov 2006 15:45:50 -0800,

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006 12:57:41 -0500, wrote:

id theft is a crime

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**** off marqueer, YOU SICK COCKSUCKER!
whta is sodmy theft? if you mean rape yes that is a cime your point
But you enjoyed getting sodomized, Morkie, you have admitted so.

so woger? what is of it

does not make me sick at all nor does it means I was thrown out of the
army for it

you need to learn a bit a reasoning

ENOUGH! If you kids can't play nice, take it somewhere else! You idiots
can hate each other all you want but take it out of the newsgroups.

I'm pretty certain this violates the term of service agreements that you
twits signed when you got your Internet access.

it does not take gonads It takes cowardage something I hvave and you do't
1. name calling
2. off the thread topic (Not to mention News Group topic..)
3. obvious flamwhat you going to with the feloow that slides in his attacks
inded some
are good enough that you can hardly see at least poster has taken to private
materail to use to write barbs besides I would rather protect myself than be
protected, i frankly
resent the nanny society we are becoming in the usa

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