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Default Good deal on 9:1 tranformer

Go to E-Bay

search RF- Junkie whose 9:1 's and others are all less than $20 they


Bob wrote:
bill wrote:
I have nothing to do with Grove and my unit did not come from them. It
was given to me by a WinRadio owner who does not do any HF listening.
Grove and WinRadio direct are the only places I found them listed for
sale in the USA.

The WiNRADiO WR-LWA-0130 Long Wire Antenna Adapter has two 9:1
transformers made from,
I am guessing here, different ferrites to give good coverage from
100KHz to 30MHz. It passes RF
all the way up to FM BCB but a 100' antenna is not the best choice up

William Fieldstone

Hi Will -

Thanks for the info. If you ever need just a 1:1 isolation unit to
isolate coax shield grounds, I stumbled across what appears to be a
good unit for $24 at LF Engineering yesterday.

Scroll down to the N-300 Ground Isolator; Strange (to me) choice of RCA
phono plugs, but appears OK. I'm going to get one and check it out.