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Default Morkie Run Amok

On 13 Dec 2006 05:22:30 -0800,

cyber vandalism


stve until you final stop your vandalizing of every post you get no
real response unles I see on the first screenfull or so that it suits
me to respond to

I could care less of what suits you, fatboy.

esp when you post 40 plus pieces of ####

The use of #### is YOURS, Morkie.

and apoloze for your lies that I have eaten your ####

I never said you did, and YOU have been quoting the evidence
yourself, fatboy.

and stop tryiing to claim that you are dispruting the NG as you have
been for the past 8 years

I never claimed that I was disrupting the NG, Morkie.



lying PoS

Nope...You're an idiot...No lying there.

Steve, K4YZ