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Default Stopping the vandals - Was: RFD: moderated

Lloyd wrote:
On 10 Jan 2007 18:23:14 -0800, an_old_friend wrote:

it is lie the problem is not of My making at all. It results from Steve
to go stlaking ing into my life bring up STOMP!

Look, pinhead: Contrary to your constant whining, this newsgroup IS NOT
ABOUT YOU!!!! Yet that is exactly what you have tried to make of it.

No. It is what it is.

I don't give a damn about your feud with Robeson, but I do know that I
did give a damn when you and Robeson repeatedly flooded these newsgroups
for over 18 months in a "mine is bigger than yours" ****ing contest.
You started it, and then others joined in, including Wiseman. I've been
watching this whole fiasco since the beginning, and I know beyond any
shadow of a doubt that you are a major reason for the problems in rrap.
Robeson eventually responded in kind to your provocations, giving you
what you so badly wanted -- attention -- while the rest of the users of
the group were deprived of its reasonable use.

You are wrong. Robesin has been an antagonist on RRAP for a decade.
That others stood by and let him attack, thread jack, and repeatedly
accuse anyone who disagreed with him a liar, a homo, or a pedo is

On several days, your combined posts exceeded 300 per day, and all of
them were trash.

Someone finally out-assholes Robesin, and they're the problem? I don't
think so.

As far as you have been concerned, Mark, this newsgroup is solely about
you and your vendetta, and so:

- You whine that someone attacked your sexuality when only you seem to
think that such an attack has been made. You use the sexuality claim
in the same way that others use the word "racisim" when it doesn't apply.
You use your sexuality as a convenient, "poor me" kind of whine. You
then make dozens of nonsensical followups to your imaginary assailent's

You couldn't be more wrong, Robesin has accused hm of rape.

- You followup to almost every post with a change in the subject line,

That is a learned behavio[u]r. Guess who he learned it from?

again under the delusion that somehow you are righting a wrong done to
you. You couldn't even keep yourself from changing the subject of the
thread from which this was extracted, thanks to your lack of self
control (If other posters restore a subject line you have changed, your
subsequent behavior proves that you are delusional.)

You're either guilty of selective reading, or you are as delusional as
you claim others are.



I was going to add more paragraphs above, but then realized what is
obvious: There is absolutely no point. You can't make an insane person
see that their world view is out of whack with reality, and you, Mark,
appear to be suffering from a true mental illness. Thus, there's really
no point talking to you, and action must be taken instead.

Which makes me wonder how many of the "moderators" are posting
anonymously on RRAP at this time.

The action now being undertaken by the moderated group proponents is in
fact a response to your abuse. People will be able to go to a Usenet
group which free of your spews and be able to talk to one another like
true adults. You, Wiseman, and a few others can continue to thrash
about in this cesspool you've made, but you won't be able to stink up
yet another newsgroup.

Good riddance.

An simple apology from Robesin for calling Mark a rapist would solve
all of this groups problems. That is all. Dismissed.