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Default Stopping the vandals - Was: RFD: moderated

Lloyd wrote:
On 11 Jan 2007 09:28:07 -0800, was let out
of my kill file and wrote:

Forging attribute line is a Robesin tactic.

A simple apology from Robesin for calling Mark a rapist would solve
all of this groups problems. That is all. Dismissed.

I have been reading this newsgroup on and off for approximately 15 years
and find your summary to be completely unsupported by the facts.

Then you truly are as delusional as you claim others are.

I have
no idea what distorted world view makes you defend Mark and what he has
done in these groups, but you have been doing so against all odds for
quite some time now.

A simple apology would make it all go away.

You apparently suffer from mind petrification
(rocks in your head), and for that you have my condolences.

Spoken like a true moderator. Thanks, but no thanks.