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Default i punce sex

"an old friend" wrote in message

Not Lloyd wrote:i punce sex

When everybody else has long moved on,.....

obviously not or you would not post something titled as you did

... it is YOU who continues to harp that
your sex life is being questioned.

no it is you and woger and Steve that isnit on as does Tom form RRCB
you comand of facts is ****ed

You keep dredging it up and keep it in
the forefront.

no you do

Stop your mewling.

I never mew except when playing with my cat

Act like a grownup.

I do care to try it yourself?

I couldn't care less about your deviant proclivities. The exchange of sexual
barbs seems to center mostly around the exchanges you have with Wiseman, and
we all know that he is far from the accepted definition of normal.
Your choice of "flavors" is just that...YOUR choice, and I will not again
mention same. What actions Wiseman undertakes, on the other hand, is not for
you or me to control. I feel that, in his case, the best action to take is
no action. Ignore him. He hates being ignored and shunned and, come to think
of it, is very much like you in that regard.