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Default wieghty matter of Life and sex

On 20 Jan 2007 07:08:27 -0800,

Not Lloyd wrote:
"an old friend" wrote in message

Chris wrote:
It can be fount at and you can install it
get back at the people who have been picking on you. It is called
HipCrime NewsAgent and it will take back the power from the moderators
who are trying to suppress your free speech. NewsAgent eats moderated
groups for breakfast. You can learn how to use it now and be all
when the new group goes on line. Post a thousand "gte help" messages
it on the first day.

Thanks, but I'd rather have the moderators approve each and every
message I post.

he just doesn't understand that it is Robeson wisemen and himself that
are ones that to cheat and want to keep the ng about people sex lives

When everybody else has long moved on, it is YOU who continues to harp that
your sex life is being questioned. You keep dredging it up and keep it in
the forefront. Stop your mewling. Act like a grownup.

Where is Mark's apology?

steve can't make it he can't even post without attacking me and I hope
I will let him, let it drop

Infairness i don't know what I would do if Robeson would simply start
posting like a Human being might, and try and pretend he did not type
what he has typed

You'll never have to worry about that day. Robesin is incapable of
compassion. He is broken.