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"KH6HZ" wrote in

"Alun L. Palmer" wrote:

I doubt if Carl would be interested in attending. His single issue was
abolition of code testing, and he WON that back in 2003.

The No-Code War Rally will simply change focus now. In another year or
so, they'll set their focus on getting the FCC to reduce, or even
eliminate entirely, the CW/data portions of the bands.

For most, the No-Code War isn't (and never was) about code testing. It
is about destroying a mode they feel, for whatever bizzare reason,
threatened (or 'persecuted') by.

You will no more see the No-Code Warriors disappear than you will see
the Race Pimps disappear.


That has nothing to do with WRC-07. There are no ITU requirements for mode
subbands. There never have been. So my stetment that I doubt if Carl would
be interested still stands. Of course, that's really for him to say.

It is true that there will still be pressure on the FCC from phone ops to
widen the phone subbands in the US. This is because the phone subbands are
still narrower in the US than everywhere else on three bands - 40, 20 and
15. Some of us want to fix this, but I don't know anyone who wants to go
beyond that.

Abolition of mode subbands is just the simplest way to acheive that. In
most countries this already how it is, but you aren't likely to hear phone
below 7040, 14100 or 21150 respectively. You might hear that in a contest,
but often contest rules don't allow any points for those QSOs. If you would
rather just widen the phone subbands down to those frequencies that would
be just as good as far as I am concerned, but ironically it would probably
be harder to get that through the FCC, solely because it is more
complicated than abolishing mode subbands altogether.

None of this has ever been about wanting to destroy CW as a mode. you can
dit and dah to your heart's content for all I care.

73 de Alun, N3KIP