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KH6HZ wrote:

ah MD I did not recnize you the man of a thousand Callsisgns
"Alun L. Palmer" wrote:

I doubt if Carl would be interested in attending. His single
issue was abolition of code testing, and he WON that back in 2003.

The No-Code War Rally will simply change focus now. In another year or so,
they'll set their focus on getting the FCC to reduce, or even eliminate
entirely, the CW/data portions of the bands.

perhaps some of us will persue that but not likely in a year or 2 But I
see little reason for retaining them perhaps with time on HF I will
change my my mind

For most, the No-Code War isn't (and never was) about code testing. It is
about destroying a mode they feel, for whatever bizzare reason, threatened
(or 'persecuted') by.

Not even one of the few noCoder to acualy hate code use thinks you and
the rest should be forced to abandon that mode dispite the Fact I see
it as not only unproductive and bad for the ARS but to propomote c
utlure that threatens at times to harm the public interest as you are
doing now by contiueing your hate filled vneddatat aginst those that
beat your side

dispite the tactic you used you were unable to beat NoCode

face be a man and get over your defeat

You will no more see the No-Code Warriors disappear than you will see the
Race Pimps disappear.