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From: Alun L. Palmer on Sun, Jan 21 2007 4:30 pm

"KH6HZ" wrote in
"Alun L. Palmer" wrote:

I doubt if Carl would be interested in attending. His single issue was
abolition of code testing, and he WON that back in 2003.

The No-Code War Rally will simply change focus now. In another year or
so, they'll set their focus on getting the FCC to reduce, or even
eliminate entirely, the CW/data portions of the bands.

For most, the No-Code War isn't (and never was) about code testing. It
is about destroying a mode they feel, for whatever bizzare reason,
threatened (or 'persecuted') by.

You will no more see the No-Code Warriors disappear than you will see
the Race Pimps disappear.

That has nothing to do with WRC-07.

Quite true, Alun. The FCC Overseas Bureau has had
documentation on WRC-07 for over a year...all the
agenda items. No "mode sub-bands" for amateurs there.

There are no ITU requirements for mode
subbands. There never have been. So my stetment that I doubt if Carl would
be interested still stands. Of course, that's really for him to say.

Carl did not effect the almost-total revision of
Radio Regulation S25 at WRC-03. The IARU wanted
that for a couple years prior to 2003. While that
included making the code test an option for all
administration, there were many other changes also
done to S25. It helped greatly that the chief
representative of No-Code International was AT
WRC-03, but the S25 changes would have been made
regardless. The ARRL did not side with the IARU
on removing the code test absolute requirement.

It is true that there will still be pressure on the FCC from phone ops to
widen the phone subbands in the US. This is because the phone subbands are
still narrower in the US than everywhere else on three bands - 40, 20 and
15. Some of us want to fix this, but I don't know anyone who wants to go
beyond that.

If there is a movement of US citizens to change the
amateur radio sub-bands, then that will be handled
in normal fashion at the FCC, not in Geneva. A
Petition will be sent, the FCC may publish that and
as for Comments...or issue an NPRM on proposed
revisions also asking for Comments. After the
Comment period is over, there's a long, long wait
for decisions, whether to be or not to be an R&O.
After the R&O there will be a much longer period
of cry-baby losers moaning, bitching, making threats
and other fun stuff...some predicting the End Of
The World...which it may be for some losers. :-)

None of this has ever been about wanting to destroy CW as a mode. you can
dit and dah to your heart's content for all I care.

Quite true, Alun. However, I suspect the REAL
problem is the PCTA attempting to keep their
perceived power which they enjoyed prior to
FCC 06-178...that and the readily-available (and
standard) boasting of being a "20 WPM Tested"
Extra. That made them "better" than anyone else
and many got drunk on that "better-than-thou"

Some went too far...such as the stunt that
Deignan, Michael P. did in obtaining a Hawaii
P.O. Box "address" in order to change from his
old vanity KD1HZ to inventing a dozen
"clubs" (that never existed) and getting amateur
radio "club" calls for them. While Deignan didn't
quite do an illegal act, his actions DID violate
the SPIRIT of the law. The FCC made him give up
those calls for nonexistant clubs and forced him
to identify his regular amateur call mailing
address to his real residence.