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Default WRC-07

spewed forth the following gibberish:

you know as well as I

Yes, we both know. None. Zilch. El-Squato.

Oops... that last one has a subliminal sexual overtone. Didn't mean to get
you hot and bothered, Morkie.


I was? Odd. Are you aware of a fraud conviction I have which apparently I
wasn't at the trial for? If you are, you might want to let the AG in my
state know, since they'd want to revolk my concealed carry permit.

No? Didn't think so. Just pulling facts out of yer arse (along with other
unmentionable vibrating objects, no doubt)

At no time in any correspondence addressed to me by the FCC was I ever
charged -- or even *accused* for that matter -- of violating any section of
Part 97, or any federal statute, for that matter.

Sux to be you, eh, Morkie?

only becuase riley was generous and you were wise enough not to fight

Oh, I'm sure if there was a violation of Part 97, or any other federal
statute, that Riley wouldn't have had any problem indicating such in his
correspondence to me.

Unfortunately for you, reality is otherwise, Morkie.