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On Jan 23, 12:07 am, "KH6HZ" wrote:
"Good Amateur Practice."

No communication I ever received from the FCC ever cited "good amateur

No, it would cite the items which were poor amateur practice, like
scarfing up a lot of callsigns...

Riley says good amatuer practice is enforceable. He enforced
it on you.Cite anywhere in communications addressed from the FCC to me the words "good

amateur practice". Sorry, doesn't exist.

The words, "good amateur practice" do not have to appear on the

It is enforceable, none-the-less.

Only Riley is to judge. Meanwhile, Deignan has addresses
scattered across the USA and perhaps several US possessions,
courtesy of Coast Guard friends...

Or, could be having my own private jet affords me the luxury of easy
interstate travel.

Did you get wealthy scarfing up other public assets, or was callsign
collecting just a hobby?

Mark has been a ham for years.

Alas, even RoundUp doesn't kill all the weeds you spray it on, so I suppose
we can't expect the code-test to keep out all the undesirables, huh?

Can the RF Commandos kill all the weeds, or are they as impotent as