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On Jan 23, 11:44 pm, "KH6HZ" wrote:
No, it would cite the items which were poor amateur practice, like
scarfing up a lot of callsigns...

There is no restriction in Part 97 or any other federal regulation which
limits the number of callsigns an individual can be assigned.

It's not in the Gospel according to St Hiram, either, but Riley became
your penpal for a reason. Can you tell us what that reason is?

Please play again soon.

Hey, I'm not the one with the penpal from the FCC.

Did you get wealthy scarfing up other public assets, or was
callsign collecting just a hobby?

No, I'm a shipping mogul with an ocean-going trawler.

Sure you are.

Can the RF Commandos kill all the weeds, or are they as impotent as

RoundUp? We just do DFing.

Dump Hucking?

We leave the wetwork for others.

So the RF Commandos are not a brain trust?