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Default ARRL Now Only Wants No Code Hams - Holding Midnight Exams

On Feb 13, 9:41�pm, Dave Heil wrote:
On Feb 13, 5:16?am, Dave Heil wrote:
? ?Hello? ?This is February 12, 2007. ?FACTUAL ERROR!!!
? ?There's one little problem, "Stefan." ?Isn't ANY "Stefan Wolfe"
? ?in the FCC CORES database. ?The best that can be found
? ?are two Steven Wolfes:
? ?Steven H. Wolfe, KC4UZW, Tech, FRN 0004408340
? ?Steven B. Wolfe, KC9KTN, Tech, FRN 0016067183
You have something in common. ?Despite your boast of seven years ago,
there is no one listed by the name of Leonard H. Anderson with an
Amateur Extra.

* *Tsk, tsk. *I've never "boasted" about being an amateur extra.

How could you? *You aren't an Amateur Extra.

What an absolutely BRILLIANT deduction! You must have
an IQ of at least 73, yes?

* *I've always said I don't have an amateur radio license. *

That's probably a good idea, since it happens to be true.

How do you KNOW that? Have you looked through all
the old callbooks? :-)

Did I mention anything about CORES being exclusively for radio amateurs,

Is your name 'Stefan Wolfe?' :-)

* *Haven't you been able to understand that in SEVEN YEARS?

You didn't tell me anything new, Len. *There has been no "Extra right
out of the box" for you despite your bragging of SEVEN YEARS ago.

"Bragging?!?" :-)

Oh, my, you really want to persist in your little emotional-
baggage game, don't you? :-)

Tsk, all you are doing is taking up message storage space
with that, senior. Waste of Google resources.

* *Tsk, tsk, tsk. *Must be the terrible sound of all that organ
* *grinding you dance to...

I don't hear organ music and I don't feel like dancing, Len.

That must be why your romance with Cranky Spanky
is coming to an end. Well, it's better to have loved once
than not at all. Still paying alimony to the first wife?

You're still just a sidewalk superintendent.

Nope. Don't work for the city or the utilities here.

I've only been in the BIGGER world of radio of OTHER
civil radio services for half a century. You ever use an
aircraft radio while at the controls on your own time?
You ever use a maritime radio on board while it was
afloat...on your own time?

Poor baby. All I've been advocating in here was the
END of the code test. And it WILL happen! Sunnuvagun!
No "bragging" there. The FCC announced it.

And here you are with jackboots dancing on the
cobblestones looking to start Krystallnacht II. Poor
guy, must be frustrating as hell for you to have to
take so much. I feel your pain.