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Default Thank god for the moderated group

"Bob Brock" wrote in message
On 3 Mar 2007 16:36:41 -0800, "Dloyd Lavies"

On Mar 3, 3:26?pm, "Bob Brock" wrote:
"Dloyd Lavies" wrote in message

Thanks god for the moderated group, at least there is somewhere you
can go to escape from barage of 'I have to have the last word"

by you know who.

Yet here you are where you say you don't want to be. dd, isn't it?

Bob, where did I say I did not want to be here? I just indicated that
it is nice to have some other place to go and read amateur related
threads, besides here, where every thread hasn't been hi-jacked and
posted into irrelevance by....well I don't have to say, we all know

I'll leave that to you.

yes woger has to have the last word as do you.

If that is the case, why does almost every thead end with you as the
last author???? I don't see mine or Woger's name as being the last
author on almost each and every thread, but I do see YOU.

I guess you see what you want to see then. You popped in to whine
about freedom to post whatever you want to post. I advocate your
right to speak your mind.

Now, if you have a problem with me speaking mine, perhaps you better
run back to the moderated group for awhile.

Have a good day...

Be carefel! Next thing you know, Mark will be accusing YOU of making
threats, too.