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Default Thank god for the moderated group

On Mar 4, 8:55?am, wrote:
On Mar 3, 1:44 pm, "Dloyd Lavies" wrote:

Thanks god for the moderated group, at least there is somewhere you
can go to escape from barage of 'I have to have the last word" posting
by you know who.

Dloyd Lavies, Sweat Lord and Talk Show Buffoon

If only the rest of the riff-raff would move on to the moderated
group, this group would be peaceful again.

Time for you to move along.

Yes your right, it is time for YOU to move along and take your Riff-
Raff, such as Mark Morgan with you. I bet if Mark did not post here,
hijack every thread, and turn every subject into an opportunity to
satisfy his desperate plea for attention, the group would calm down.
But Mark has irritated so many, for so long, with his constant cross
posting and hijacking of every thread. I don't know where he gets off
thinking he can hijack every thread knowing that it is inappropriate.
Imagine your at a amateur radio club meeting sitting at a table
talking among several members, and then Mark sits down rudely butts
into your conversation (thread) and starts talking about something way
off topic. So you get up go to another table and start another
converstation and here comes Mark again butting into your conversation
(thread) and once again he changes the topic. So you tell Mark, I
don't want you butting into my conversation and changing the topic,
then he turns it all around and accuses you of stalking him. You would
probably think he is mental. So you get up move once again, start
another conversation, and here comes Mark again, and again, and again,
you can't escape this asshole if you want to use the NG. My question
is when was this group every peaceful, in 1996 or 97 perhaps? Most of
you who are whining on Mark's side wasn't even posting here then, so
you don't even know what the group was like BMC (before Mark Morgan)?
Most people that were on this group before Mark showed up don't want
to deal with or talk to Mark Morgan because of his behavior and he has
very little knowledge and can't really add anything to the
conversation, but he won't go away, and he insists on hijacking every
thread. He thinks just because he obtained a ham license he somehow
gained some special right to hijack practically every thread on the
NG. If you don't want me and others like me posting here that are
critical of Mark, then stop Mark Morgan from post 300 times a day,
changing the names of threads that he didn't start, and hijacking
everythread. Mark seems to think he is the first to act this way, but
LLoyd Davies was here pulling his garbage way before Mark even thought
about amateur radio. Now Mark will say "I have a right to post",
which he does, but he dosen't have the right to hijack threads and
change the topic to suit him, on threads he did not even start.
That's just rude, but typical Mark Morgan behavior. If this was a
physical world, somebody probably would have already slapped the ****
out of Mark by now and stopped him, but because it is not, he acts
accordingly. That's why I say, thank god for the Moderated Group an
area free of Mark Morgan.

Dloyd Lavies Sweat Lord and Talk Show Buffoon
"In the Domestic Rear"