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Default ARRL Now Only Wants No Code Hams - Holding Midnight Exams

On Feb 13, 12:04�pm, "
On Feb 13, 9:48?am, wrote:
On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 13:16:01 GMT, Dave Heil

You have something in common. ?Despite your boast of seven years ago,
there is no one listed by the name of Leonard H. Anderson with an
Amateur Extra.

but no extra out of the box is avalable yet Dave

* *Mark, ignore that old weenie. *"Out of the box" has always been
* *available when the FCC set regulations so that one did NOT have
* *to wear radio training pants as a novice or "lesser" classes.

* *The old weenie is just trying some stupid, juvenile emotional-
* *baggage "come back" because that's all he has left in his
* *repertoire of "replies." *He's tried the same macho-middle-
* *school baggage thing with "years of interest and no ham
* *license."

You mean "stupid, juvenile emotional baggage "come back" like the
one YOU just used, YTour Putziness?

There was nothing emotional or non-factual stated.

YOU stated that you were going to get your "extra lite right out
of the box".

The FACTS are that you lied. You let the box lay around, get
moldy, and then complained about the roaches it was attracting.

* *I've kept saying that my advocacy has always been to
* *eliminate the morse code test from FCC licensing regs.
* *The FCC has finally, legally AGREED. *Now all the morsemen
* *are "unhappy" and are trying to take out their frustrations on
* *those they think are "lesser" individuals. *Boo hoo for them.

You mean that folks kept whining until they finally caved in and
gutted the service. And I am not speaking solely about the Code test,
Your Sliminess. You waited it out for a total of three different code
test AND two writtens.

Pretty lame, Mr 14-Years-Of-Night-School-To-Be-An-Engineer.

Pretty lame.

Steve, K4YZ