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Default WANTED: Depot manual AN/RT-18/ARC-1

K3HVG wrote:
Chuck, I have an original manual for the RT-18A/ARC-1 that I liberated
from the trash can at Page Airways in the mid-60's. I also have the
Aerocom multi-channel modification package that was stuck inside it. Its
a big book with a multitude of fold-outs. Mine is also in delicate
condition, although not as bad as the dead sea scrolls, of course, but
its been around the bench, obviously. If there's something specific I
could help you with, I'd be glad to do what I can. I guess I should
have made master copies of a lot of manuals I have before I retired and
lost the facility to do so....hi!!! FYI, the book doesn't have a TM,
etc. designation. Its obviously WWII vintage as it mentions the Navy,
the AAF, and the British Air Ministry. The preamble makes it appear to
be a factory book. The heavy, reddish-brown binder looks typical Navy
from the period? Wish I still had the original ARC-1 I had back then!!


Hi Jeep,

I don't yet know if my ARC-1 has any problems. I just like to have the
documentation so I can avoid making any new problems. I do have a poor
copy of the schematic, so I could hook it up... but I probably will wait
until I have a depot manual.


OBTW, we have actually met at a few different swap meets through someone
who's initials are TB.