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Default Poor Lardassed Moron, he can't help himself at sucking Heil tit!

Davey Vile K8MN SUX wrote:
On Jun 15, 11:20 pm, "kb9rqz@perversions" gay@chassell wrote:
I attempted to point

Except your pony head and tinfoil hat is what is making you get
signals on your "radio'.....fatboy!

Suck on Fatass Heil's man tits harder, he loves it when he has a

Does it excite you to think of such things, UnWiseman? Do you think
those thoughts to be the output of a mentally healthy individual?

Oh, that's right, you ARE Heil posting a followup under one of your

That's not correct, Rog. I post as no one but myself on usenet or
anywhere else. I post as myself. Unlike you, I have nothing to hide.
I have no need to post as another.

Here's some info on your medical problem, UnWiseman:



From the wild Irish slums of the 19th Century Eastern seaboard to the
riot-torn anomic
neighborhoods of Los Angeles, our society has always produced sociopaths
who are quite
often the products of illegitimacy, broken homes, and a lack of any
bonding with male
or societal authority. Some 70% of sociopaths come from fatherless
homes. Father absence
produces many consequences similar to the symptoms of sociopathy --
early, precocious
sexuality; antagonistic, deprecating attitude toward the opposite sex;
lack of interest
in bonding with a durable, stable mate; aggressive acting-out; excessive
and risk-taking behavior. Some 30% of children today are born
out-of-wedlock, and
another 30% live in divorced homes. These conditions - a problem of
unsocialization -
produce sociopathy. Furthermore, sociopaths tend to reproduce
themselves, that is,
they produce more than own their share of illegitimate offspring themselves.

So what is a sociopath? You won't find criteria in the DSM IV or
official psychiatric
nomenclature, but the construct refers to the largest subgroup of APDs.
Most are males,
but an increasing number are female. They have otherwise normal
temperaments (as opposed
to psychopaths who have abnormal temperaments). Some are aggressive,
fearless sensation
seekers, and others are Machiavellian manipulators. A Machiavellian is
a personality
type who is a cross between an antisocial personality and a narcissist,
and someone who
also has an extremely high sense of entitlement. The one thing that all
sociopaths have
in common is that they are "too much" to handle for their parents or
anyone else. It's
common to refer to them as unsocialized, but the dyssocial sociopath
does socialize to
the mores and values of a dyssocial outgroup, like a gang. Let's explore
the four (4)
subtypes of sociopaths:

COMMON SOCIOPATHS are the largest subtype and have a weak or
unelaborated conscience.
They are not ashamed by the same things as you or I would be ashamed of.
They are like
feral children grown up, taking pleasures and gratifying impulses at
every opportunity
or temptation. They especially enjoy and take pride in bending or
breaking the rules.
As teenagers, they are often runaways. As adults, they are often
geographically mobile,
living in shelters, or taking advantage of welfare systems. They are
shoplifters. They have quite active sex lives. They are usually of average
intelligence, but don't do well in school and never seem to break out of
dead-end jobs. Nevertheless, they seem genuinely happy with their lives,
by any sense of negative self-worth or the fact that they have not been
a functional,
contributing member of society.

ALIENATED SOCIOPATHS have never developed the ability to love,
empathize, or affiliate
in real life with another person. They will show more emotion toward
their pet or a
personal artifact than toward a person. Or, they may hate animals and
live out their
emotional life by watching TV (identification with soap opera characters
is a common
pattern). Dating and marriage relationships will be very barren and
empty. They won't
get along with the neighbors. They live in a shell. They have a cold,
callous attitude
toward human suffering or any social problem in the society they live
in. They just
don't care because it's outside their range of empathy. Most will
believe they are
justified in this because they feel they were cheated in some way
themselves by
society, and a few will be more than happy to rant and rave about it to
anyone who
listens. They are chronic complainers, and underneath it all, they would
like to
see nothing better than all of society destroyed.

AGGRESSIVE SOCIOPATHS derive strong, yet nonperverse gratification from
harming others.
They like to hurt, frighten, tyrannize, bully, and manipulate. They do
it for a sense
of power and control, and will often only drop subtle hints about what
they are up to.
They polish their aggressive, domineering manner in such a way to
disguise any
intimidation others might feel. They seek out positions of power, such
as parent,
teacher, bureaucrat, supervisor, or police officer. Their style is one
of passive
aggression as they systematically go about sabotaging the ideas of
others to get
their ideas in place. In their spare time, they like to hunt or
occasionally do
sadistic things like find stray dogs and cut them up. They are usually
at getting their way, and are especially vindictive if resisted or
crossed. They
don't follow the social norm of reciprocity like others do.

DYSSOCIAL SOCIOPATHS identify and hold an allegiance with a dyssocial,
outcast, or
predatory subculture. Any subculture will do, as long as it runs counter
to established
authority. They are capable of intense loyalty, and even a feeling of
guilt and shame,
within such limited circles. They seem to continually fall upon bad luck
and bad
companions, however. While they will constantly complain that none of
this is their
fault, behind it all is a kind of self-defeating mechanism in the poor
choices they
made themselves.

Dave K8MN