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Default 20 Meters open again

Mork wrote:
Mark's Almanac" gay@chassell wrote:
Roger. 20M is alive and active at 0348Z.
Yet you fail to post proof.
No need to. At least not for the likes of you.
Translation: You are full of **** and can't back up your

Translation: You ****ed up, how could Roger interfere with anybody,
get more Marqueer whining
Answer the question, retard.
why should I answer any question of yours/
So you can't defend *your* position that Roger, with no antennas, and
being in a "rf hole" could interfere with people, your logic, much
like you, makes no sense. But your lies never let the truth get in the
way, do they?

I certainly can Woger does not ned a decent anntena to jam signal just
some wire and an amp

The fact that I have heard VE7KFM from the west coast of Canada (according
to him) carrying on conversations at midnight and later on 20M with W8
stations is meaningless to Roger, who has gotten himself in too deep to
admit he was wrong.
In fact I have worked a station in Hawaii on 14.244 at three a.m. and a
station in Sofia, Bulgaria at 11 p.m. and dozens of late night foreign
stations on 17M.
But of course if Roger can't hear it, it doesn't exist. That is his story,
and he's sticking to it.

Roger has himself a dilemma. The UnWiseman has only to check the DX
spots on the DX Summit to see which 20m DX stations are being spotted in
the United States. Roger's view is that 20m can't be open at night
during periods of low solar activity because that's the way he
interprets the ARRL's statement about the band.

Dave K8MN