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Default 20 Meters open again

On Jun 22, 12:15 pm, Dave Heil wrote:
"Davey Vile K8MN SUX" wrote:

On Jun 22, 12:07 am, "Mork" gayMark@chassell wrote:

Roger is bull**** and lies from K8MN

You aren't responding to me, Roger. I'm not Mork. I'm not Lloyd. I'm
not Dloyd. I post as no one but myself.

More lies and bull****.

Poor Mork aka Dave Heil...

Poor sociopathic, confused Roger. He thinks I'm any number of people
posting to usenent, despite what message headers indicate.

Poor Davey Assheil, he actually thinks his opinion matters.........too
bad he gives himself away in his other sockpuppets.

...he thinks those voices in his head are late night 20 meters dx.


Sometimes Bertie lets you swallow his cum, too.

He claims to know things, 20 meter propagation...

Yes, I claim to know about not only 20m wave propagation, but MW and HF
propagation in general. I could teach you, but you're nuts.

Poor Assheil, doesn't have any psychology training, yet thinks he can
even make diagnoses and even teach. Assheil is just a delusional

...Glen Dale "lockups"
where ther are none in Glen Dale, etc.

"Well "ther", UnWiseman, you were held in Glen Dale, not at the Northern
Regional Jail. You can deny, but you can't evade fact.

More Assheil backpedaling. Glen Dale has no lockup, a call to (304)
845-5511 can confirm this. Poor Davey, he was caught lying and now
tries to cover it up.

Or how about his use of "maqurading" instead of "masquerading."



No, he worked out of band Frenchmen and got away with it.

...or so you've been told.

So you admit to being a lying hypocrite.

He hasn't
gotten a letter yet.

Yet? Who is going to pen the letter, Rog?

Davey doesn't deny working out of banders.

Oh, Roger doesn't hide in any darkened house, he leaves his house
every day...

Really? Maybe we can get together for lunch and have a nice chat.

Hope your health insurance is paid up.

...but you hide behind that Finnish ex whore, don't you?

I don't know any Finnish current or ex-whores,

Sure you do, you married her, and hid behind her, just like you hid
behind your lover Bert at the ARES meeting.