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Default More 20 Meters open again

Roger Wiseman AB8MQ, posing as "Davey Vile K8MN SUX" wrote:
On Jun 23, 2:27 am, "Mork" gayMark@chassell wrote:
"Davey Vile K8MN SUX" wrote in

On Jun 22, 12:07 am, "Mork" gayMark@chassell wrote:
Roger is a sociopath. Period.
Poor Mork aka Dave Heil, he thinks those voices in his head are late
night 20 meters dx.

Let me

Yeah, sure Assheil, just like you and Bertie weren't swapping semen FD

Is that the sort of thing you believe goes on at Field Day, UnWise and
Unwellman? By the way, I don't know anyone named Bertie.

I didn't write the post to which you responded. I post as no one but

He claims to know things, 20 meter propagation, Glen Dale "lockups"
where ther are none in Glen Dale, etc.

There is no

Yes, there is nothing but you being obtuse.

The obtuse guy is the one who keeps insisting that I am Lloyd, Dloyd,
Chris and Mork.

The fact is you keep bringing up retesting but youy have no ****ing
clue as to why he was retested.

I didn't bring it up. No one is ever retested without reason. There
were no irregularities in your initial testing session. That can't be
the reason. Why don't you tell us why you were forced to retest, Rog?

Oh, Roger doesn't hide in any darkened house, he leaves his house
every day, but you hide behind that Finnish ex whore, don't you?

Still using

Still hiding behind your sockpuppet and deny you do so, Assheil?

I'm not Mork, Dloyd, Lloyd, Chris or anyone but myself. You've been
told repeatedly. You aren't rational.

Dave K8MN