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Default Anybody tried 4nec2 on Vista ?

Nate Bargmann wrote:
On Wed, 04 Jul 2007 17:49:24 +0000, 4nec2 wrote:

Did anybody try to run 4nec2 ( on windows
Vista ?, and if so, did it work ?

If it did not run as expected, could you tell me what went wrong ?

Because 4nec2 being freeware I do not (yet) have the funds to buy me a
new computer and/or OS, so maybe I can get some small answers this way.

Perhaps rather than shelling out money better spent on ham rigs just to
line Bill G's pockets, why not try porting the app to one of the Free
OSes? Linux and or Free BSD are just ripe for some excellent ham radio
software (although plenty already exists). All of the tools are Free
Software and quite well supported, perhaps better supported than that
which costs you mucho deniro.

73, de Nate

perhaps because a large number of people use Windows to do their day to
day work successfully, Windows warts and all? People select their OS and
computing environment based on many things: life cycle cost,
compatibility with other useful applications, philosophical bent, and
functionality are just a few of them.