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Default Anybody tried 4nec2 on Vista ?

Jim Lux wrote in

Nate Bargmann wrote:
On Wed, 04 Jul 2007 17:49:24 +0000, 4nec2 wrote:

Did anybody try to run 4nec2 ( on
windows Vista ?, and if so, did it work ?

If it did not run as expected, could you tell me what went wrong ?

Because 4nec2 being freeware I do not (yet) have the funds to buy me
a new computer and/or OS, so maybe I can get some small answers this

Perhaps rather than shelling out money better spent on ham rigs just
to line Bill G's pockets, why not try porting the app to one of the
Free OSes? Linux and or Free BSD are just ripe for some excellent
ham radio software (although plenty already exists). All of the
tools are Free Software and quite well supported, perhaps better
supported than that which costs you mucho deniro.

73, de Nate

perhaps because a large number of people use Windows to do their day
to day work successfully, Windows warts and all?

And lots of support staff! I wonder if their salaries are taken
into account when people get excited over those cheap PC prices?

People select their OS and
computing environment based on many things: life cycle cost,

See above.

compatibility with other useful applications,

One of the strangest canards ever foisted upon the computer buying
public. The computer should be a tool. You shouldn't buy the staff
assistant the same computer as the engineer as the art department.

philosophical bent, and
functionality are just a few of them.

Don't forget not having any choice in the matter. What else would the
computer departmenttell management is needed?

One of the dirtiest secrets of the computer world is that those who work
keeping PC's operational don't *want* good computers and operating
systems. If a computer works well, is simple to set up, and is a
reliable performer, the IT department goes away.

Which is why although I beat PC's into submission where I work in part,
to get my work done I use a Mac. It just keeps on going and going.

OSX in whatever flavor is fast, works on older Macs easily (a G3
even!) and if a person want's to geek it out, they can just drop
into Unix for CL fun...

- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -