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Default Weird CW on 333 kHz

On Feb 13, 8:44*am, (Geoffrey S. Mendelson) wrote:
cadillac_eldorado wrote:
Has anyone else been hearing this Morse code on 333 kHz lately? *It's
been on the last four days now. *I'm new to CW and SWL, but when I
tune in this frequency, I think what I'm hearing is this:

.- ..- ... ....

What does that mean? *It's just repeated, over and over, all day
long. *Any ideas?

That sounds like a beacon used in avaition. However they are three letters,
not four. There is a list of them at:

What you wrote is AUSH, which is not on the list, but there a YSH on
334 kHz in Smith Falls, Ontario.

There is as far as I can find no airport code AUSH.


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Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Photo Gallery
By Stephen P. McGreevy, N6NKS (Updated 2007)
* Lists 333 kHz as "STI" Mountain Home, Idaho -USA-

NDB - "SMF" from Sheffield, UK on 333 kHz

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Non-Directional {Radio} Beacon (NDB)
* Lists : 333 kHz "STI" -USA- IDaho
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