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Default SWR3 : Telamon - Papua New Guinea (PNG) NBC-Kundu on 3335 and 3385

RHF wrote:

On Mar 22, 2:08 pm, Telamon
In article

Telamon wrote:
In article
RHF wrote:

SWL Newbies - Radio Netherland WorldWide (RNW) :
INFO + Links/URLs for Shortwave Radio Broadcasts


No thanks, I know how to do a google search and like most normal people
I can find the RNW web site.

Hey, have you ever listened? Nope.

- Hey, trolling moron, what SWL'ing have you been doing.

- I'll answer that for you, nothing.

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- Telamon
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Telamon - Match MY SWR3's Post-for-Post

Here is a Shortwave Radio Reception Report (SWR3)

Papua New Guinea (PNG) NBC-Kundu on 3335 and 3385 kHz @ 10:50 UTC

I read a report recently that indicated that most or all of the PNG stations
that are currently on SW will be leaving the air by 2015.

Like anything else, that may or not be the actual case. But, I would certainly
try to hear those that are left before they are gone.

I currently have 'at least' 20 of the PNG stations QSL'd (veried, for those in


Shanti Om