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Default Wellbrook ALA1530 next to a RF Systems DX1 Pro

The ALA1530 active antenna arrived on loan on the 30th June
The ALA is mounted on the same pole as the RF Systems DX1 Pro,
but about 1 m down, so
it is about 10m off the deck and is orientated N/S.
I have checked the continuity and the ALA1530 is working fine with
power at the head.

On LF the DX1 Pro hears things that are unheard on the ALA
e.g. 515 CW, MAJ Majuba is quite clear on the DX1 but not heard on the
ALA1530, and the same with various others.
252 LW Germany faint on the DX1 but unheard on the ALA
361 CW ASN Ascension clear on the DX1 but barely audible on the ALA
More or less the same on MW band - DX1 is much clearer and stronger
1050 MW Brazil quite clear on DX1 but unreadable on ALA

Then I worked the HF bands from 3 mhz up to 18 mhz
Here the DX1 remains the strongest and clearest, but the ALA also puts
in a
good performance.

RFI and noise suppression. I didn't notice that the ALA was quieter
noisewise than my DX1, nor does it suppress the harsh RFI I have here.
I did
spend a half hour with the help of Willie and Dawn rotating it in
directions, but it could not suppress the RFI noise.

I have always had the opinion that the DX1 Pro is a superior performer
I have had some outstanding catches over the years.

John Plimmer, Montagu, Western Cape Province, South Africa
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