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Default Wellbrook ALA1530 next to a RF Systems DX1 Pro

Bob Dobbs wrote:
dave wrote:
Bob Dobbs wrote:
dave wrote:
Try Davis RF BuryFlex. It's cheaper than LMR-400 and doesn't feed the
war machine.
At the time I got it I wasn't aware of any 'war machine' connection,
maybe you could elaborate? I got it mostly because it fared better than
Belden 9913 in specs and was available locally at an end of spool price.
I only needed a 36 foot run to feed a Diamond V2000A, now replaced by
their DP-GH62, and I was able to get about 80 feet at the time cheaper
than RG-8.

TMS has been instrumental in the development of military specifications,
including MIL-C-17 for coaxial cables. Times is the leading source of
MIL-C-17 qualified products, holding far more QPL's (Qualified Product
Listings) than any other manufacturer in the world. Times also helped
the US Navy write the MIL-T-81490 Transmission Line Specification, and
is qualified to supply microwave transmission lines that meet
MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 (US Air Force) requirements. These are the
specifications that define harsh military airborne environments that
Electronic Warfare transmission lines must perform in, year after year.

Another POV might be that TMS had taken advantage of the harsh
environment of wartime scenarios to strive for an engineering answer.
I doubt the war mongers are going to be more belligerent because of
advanced technical characteristics of transmission lines.
"Hey we got good coax, now lets go kick some ass"
Well, maybe that could be a component of Bush-think but TMS has been
affiliated with high demand environment challenges before his cabal of
chicken hawks came into power.
In any case their commercial product is among the best and Davis-Orion
Wiregroup has most likely benefitted from some of the same research.
FWIW: I don't represent TMS nor have any vested interest in the
promotion of their product line, but I do enjoy good discussion.

War is bad, Mmm-Kay?