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Default Mesh curtain antenna

My latest antenna is up!
It is a window mesh curtain 8 foot by 100 foot
about 1 foot off the ground.
It is an all bander with the xmitter tuner on all the time,
later I will trim it so I can leave the internal tuner off.
At the moment the red light comes on when I am right in the center
of the top band and the SWR reads 1.5 for the middle section only!.
Presume the tuner cannot handle above 1.5 on top band.
Very, very quiet antenna, but it has been up less than 24 hours.
Feed is on one side only with the ground connection about 2 inches
on the same side with the connections at the bottom some what towards
the center of the curtain length ways.Basically it is a long one wall
Faraday shield but without a drain ground on the front side.
Will find a relay so I can make it bi directional