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Default Mesh curtain antenna

Art Unwin wrote:

Very, very quiet antenna, but it has been up less than 24 hours.
Feed is on one side only with the ground connection about 2 inches
away on the same side with the connections at the bottom some what
towards the center of the curtain length ways.

So he is center feeding a large curtain with a "_2 inch_" wide feed.

Yup, that WILL very definitely be quiet. I hope the tuner has a lot of
loss in the way before the "antenna" (chortle) to dissipate the 99.999%
of the power fed to the short at the end.

Basically it is a long one wall
Faraday shield but without a drain ground on the front side.

It's not a Faraday shield if it's not completely surrounding something.
I'd suggest a smaller one. Of tinfoil. Around your head. It won't
help, but it would be amusing.