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Default Ultra Heavy BCB Dx'ing

Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:

No SSB or Sync don't waste your money on this Chinese junk.

Sangean is pretty good for Chinese junk. They are in Tiawan, not the PRC.

They got into shortwave radios when they bought the rights to the Sony
ICF-2001, which they sold as the ATS-803, and the Radio Shack DX-440.

Since then they have made various models, some better, some worse.

I thought it is a Sangean product,Taiwan. CCradio2 is an AM/FM/
Weather bands only. No HF coverage-therefore no Sync or SSB.

I don't see how you would use them on AM anyway.

I live in Jerusalem, which is a very hi-tech and therefore very electricaly
noisy city. The BBC has an AM broadcasting station on 1323 kHz in Cyprus.
I normally can not hear it with anything I have, except for a Drake SPR-4.

Note that I also have a Kenwood R5000 and a TS-430, which has a similar
receiver. Both have had the extra BCB attenuation removed which was installed
by Kenwood in their US models. It does make a difference, around 10db in either
of them, but in the long run, it did not change what I could hear and could

When I lived in Philly, I was 3 miles from the KYW 1060AM transmitter, and
it was needed to prevent overload. Here there is lots of noise, but no
really strong (as in picked up by telephones, etc) signals.

So besides answering the question with a positive, I can answer it with a
negative, don't buy a SW, especially ham, receiver and expect it to perform
well on the AM BCB.

With that said, what about the GE Superradios? They have their various
faults, but they are good AM performers and relatively cheap. If you can
find one at a yard sale or thrift shop, so much the better.

I have an SRIII, which is not very useful here due to its inability to
pull stations out of the noise. In a less noisy environment, it would
perform well, certainly in comparison to its price.


Dude, you're being jammed. Jerusalem is no more high tech (no more
noise prone) than any other modern city, where mediumwave still works
reasonably well and HF is still quite clean.

Why do they always blow up the power plants?