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From: John Smith on Aug 3, 10:51 pm

In 1970 (at an RCA division in Van Nuys, CA) I got a chance to
do programmed calculations on an HP 9100 desk calculator...did
some statistics runs on aircraft collision avoidance estimates,
part of a long-range R&D project at RCA devised by the late
Jack Breckman (a genius type who could extemporaneously speak
in ordered paragraphs).

Mr. Smith --

David Breckman here. I registered on this site for one express purpose, which was to contact you about my father, Jack Breckman. This post of yours that mentions him by name (and in the most flattering of terms) came up as a hit in a Google search I was conducting about him earlier in the evening.

Dad died in the summer of '73 when I was just seven years old, so I didn't know him particularly well, and the only memories I have of him now, nearly forty years on, are foggy at best.

But in the last year or so (belatedly) I have been trying to talk or correspond with as many people as I can who may've known or had occasion to work with him -- people very much like yourself.

By all accounts, Dad was a gentle and exceptionally gifted man, and a wonderful husband and father. But firsthand accounts are scarce, and I am naturally interested in learning more about him. So with your permission -- and at your convenience -- I would love to follow up with you on the subject of Jack Breckman. Would this be possible?

You can reach me at my email:

I would be grateful for ANYTHING you can tell me about him. Even vague, fleeting impressions would be helpful.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours (gratefully),

David Breckman
Sherman Oaks, CA