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Default Merry Christmas..

On Dec 24, 8:06*pm, John Smith wrote:
On 12/24/2010 7:29 PM, John Smith wrote:

Funny how that "area" has expanded, huh? *Makes one wonder, "Where does
the ghetto begin, and where does it end?" *HUH? *(coming to a
neighborhood near you, soon?)


Actually, I'd expand on that, let you determine if what I say has any
truth or not. *The "ghetto" and the people in it, usually prey upon
other people in their areas. *Indeed, it is usually a case of the black
poor victimizing the black poor, the poor whites victimizing other poor
whites ... however, wake up people!

They are being reduced to having nothing, now they will be moving into
the better neighborhoods and victimizing the people which still have
something, middle class?, YES, rich, YES ... this is all headed your
way, if you are not already seeing it, it is a miracle ...

Trust me, coming to a neighborhood near you, AND SOON ...

- The only question left is,
- "How long before you say OUCH?"
- Regards,
- JS

JS - After ~20 Posts . . . How long before
you say simply say : "Merry Christmas"

merry christmas to all and to all a good night - amen ~ RHF