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Default RFI from Switched power supply

Hi all,

I have the (incredible fast and reliable) Verizon fiber optic into the
house for my internet connection. So far so good. However at the
access point there is a battery backup unit for the fiber-Copper
converter. This battery unit is kept charged by a powersupply that
makes an ENOURMOUS amount of RFI that radiates onto the (15 feet) lead
into the unit and from there into the shack. (S6)

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to silence this? Or... a
suggestion for a cheap and 'quiet' powersupply? (It's output is a
regular 12v)

73 Rob


Run it off a pack of eight rechargable nimh or nicads, make a simple
charger unit and fast charge when not in use.

Should be a quiet as a lamb ...