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Default Tube equipment question

Mike Coslo wrote:
Solid state transmitters are notoriously finicky about matching to the
antenna. Tube equipment is not, so I am told, and early experience seems
to bear that out.

Certainly I can see one of my newer rigs start to fold back at 2:1.

What are the practical limitations of the Tube finals apparent

Is it safe to compare the load, plate, and drive controls to some of the
functions of a tuner? (possible real dumb question)

- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -

Most quality built amps will cover 2-30mhz, they only need the proper
filters behind 'em to keep 'em clean, and of course, you exciter needs
to put out a clean sig.

Motorola has a great circuit using four 250W transistors to get you a
kilo. It can be found on the web.

There are scores of tech papers by motorola on 100W to 1K and beyond
amps, a little research on the web should discover them.