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Default Tube equipment question

"Ivor Jones" wrote in message
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That brings up a related issue. Lots of Hams today are
restricted to one antenna, yet they would like all band
operation. I think it would be a great idea for a
manufacturer to have a transciever that included a tuner
right in the rig itself.

- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -

They do exist, although being primarily interested in VHF/UHF operation
(we only recently had the morse requirement for HF dropped over here in
the UK, but that's another topic..!!) I've had little experience of them.

My main HF rig and my husband's main HF rig both have built in tuners. Both
work pretty well. However they do not have the range of outboard tuners.

I do remember vividly using a Drake commercial HF transceiver (I think it
came out of a ship's radio room) back in the late 80's at a special event
station that had this feature, you could operate on any band without any
form of tuning at all, although of course how much power would get out on
a really bad antenna is debatable ;-)

A lot of commericial and military equipment have built in tuners with quite
significant tuning ranges. Of course this comes at a price so amateur gear
doesn't have as much range in their tuning capacity on the built in tuners.

Of course if you've enough money, there are those antennas that tune
themselves. A friend has a 3-element beam that is computer controlled; as
you tune across the bands, the elements automatically adjust themselves to
the correct length..! I don't recall the make/model, but it is of American
origin, does anyone know of it..?

73 Ivor G6URP

I think it is called the SteppIR. Too rich for my pocket book.

Dee, N8UZE