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Default Tube equipment question

On Mar 4, 7:09?pm, Mike Coslo wrote:

. Lots of Hams today are restricted to
one antenna, yet they would like all band operation. I think it would be a
great idea for a manufacturer to have a transciever that included a tuner
right in the rig itself.

Many rigs offer that as an option. For example, the Elecraft K2 can be
equipped with the optional KAT2 internal automatic antenna tuner. In
my experience, the KAT2 can match at least a 10:1 SWR, if not more. It
doesn't have
manual adjustments, however - it's a form of autotuner.

The 100 watt version of the K2 can be equipped with the
matching external tuner.

One interesting feature of these autotuners is that they
automatically reduce power to a few watts while the tuning routine is

I don't know of any solidstate HF ham rig with a *manual*
tuner built-in.

73 de Jim, N2EY