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Default Tube equipment question

"Dee Flint" wrote in

My main HF rig and my husband's main HF rig both have built in tuners.
Both work pretty well. However they do not have the range of
outboard tuners.

I should have noted large range and balanced/unbalanced output. My
IC-761 has an autotuner on it that works pretty well with my vertical
antenna. The dipole is run with balanced line, and needs a different

A lot of commericial and military equipment have built in tuners with
quite significant tuning ranges. Of course this comes at a price so
amateur gear doesn't have as much range in their tuning capacity on
the built in tuners.

Size can be an issue too. The IC 761's tuner is a pretty tiny
thing. I had to take an IC 765's autotuner 9 (very similar) apart once to
repair it, and it was around the size of one of the mfj tiny tuners.

A little bigger components, plus a 4:1 balun, and they would have

- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -