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Default Question about radio noise


My concern is, if it does this to the radio, is it harmful to people who
are near it? Thanks.

The short answer is, no.

What you're probably hearing on your AM radio is noise caused by arcing
on high voltage lines due to defective or dirty insulators. Your radio
receiver is sensitive to this RF because, well, that's what radio
receivers do.

But the fact that you can hear it on your receiver does not imply that
it is harmful, any more than the fact that you can hear the local AM
station means that it's harmful. If you were in close proximity to the
AM station's transmitting antenna, you would be receiving exposure to RF
[Radio Frequency emissions] in excess of regulated maximums. But I
can't imagine a leaky high-voltage line putting out enough RF to be
dangerous even in close proximity.

See for full details.

73, Steve KB9X