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Default Question about radio noise

Steve Bonine wrote in

If you were in close proximity to the
AM station's transmitting antenna, you would be receiving exposure to RF
[Radio Frequency emissions] in excess of regulated maximums.

417 ft from the business end of WWKB's 50KW blowtorch in Hamburg, NY, the
former WKBW, a neighborhood popped up probably many years ago. Those
houses closest to the last tower in the chain, using the inverse square law
and the FCC database 4.2V/M at 1KM on two of the lobes, I figure there's
over 200 VOLTS/meter in their living rooms on Robin Lane.

I wonder how they get the flourescent lights in the kitchens to go out?
Can anyone have a stereo with external speaker wires feeding 200V/M back
into the feedback lines of the transistor amps without making it go nuts
like my neighbor's did from the Drake L4B?...(c;

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