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Default Icom PS125

From: on Thu, 5 Apr 2007 17:08:48 EDT

On Apr 5, 12:52 pm, "J D" wrote:

A while back I purchased an Icom V8000 with the mars cap conversion (136-174
mHZ) to use as a business band radio. Although the PTT gives me trouble now
and then.... I really like the radio and i was thinking of getting one for
the house to use as a base.... the Icom PS125 compatable with the V8000?

The Icom V8000 is not legal for use on business band.

The V8000 transmitter will only output on the 2m band. Its
receiver already tunes 136 to 174 MHz, stock.

While the PS-125 outputs 13.8 VDC @ 25 A maximum, the connectors
of that and the V8000 aren't compatible. I got mine at no extra
cost on an Icom deal through end of March, but the normal by-itself
price is $300, too much for my thinking; there's plenty of 13 VDC
@ 25 A regulated supplies out on the market. PS-125 case is styled
to match the Pro line and the smaller mobiles (used at home) and
looks nice.

The V8000 needs only a 15 A maximum 13 VDC supply (1 A on
receive) so a PS-125 would be running cool at home. All current
Icom manuals, brochures, spec. sheets are downloadable at

73, Len AF6AY