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Default Suggestion for an HF starter rig

"Michael Coslo" wrote

A few years back I did a modeling of an antenna that was 1/4 wavelength
long at I think 40 meters. The SWR of the antenna was approaching
infinite. If I get the chance, I'll model it again tonight - I'm doing the
mass mailing for the PAQSO party tonight, and if all goes well, I should
have a little time.

I'd think a strict 1/4 wave, regardless how it's fed, would be pretty
horrific on that specific band. (But I couldn't explain's just from
what I've read.) That's why I made mine (55 feet) so that it was under 1/4
wave for 40, and more than 1/4 for all the higher bands.

As for window line being affected by water... yes, it is, but I never found
it a big deal. As I recall, I just retuned some of the transmatch settings
to accommodate. I used both 450 and 300 ohm window line... and even tv
twinlead. What fun I had one night when I heard a cat playing on my flat
roof, and I could tell he was playing with the transmission line that was
suspended about a foot off the roof... I transmitted 100 watts and heard him
take off like a shot!

BTW, I wonder what happened to the OP? Did we drive him away? ;-)

Howard N7SO